Phylactery of the Bleeding Heart

Session 1 (A Grim Perspective)

(edit and embellish at will)


Mighty Erastil, keeper of the forests and his servants, thank you for the challenges you place before us that make us stronger. My strength is forever in service to you.

I’ve found myself at odds with the law (again).

Melik McKury, some brat of a noble was manhandling a pretty little tavern wench named Sally. I stood up for her honor and with little effort beat the accuser right out the door. The wench had a very innocent, sympathetic look about her. Pity for me it was all for show. She did manage to cut his purse after all. Lesson learned… Sometimes they’re both villains. This teaching comes at a steep price though, as I’ve been starved in a cell for days now.

Many sticks were broken across my back as the guard attempted to break me. I did not plead or beg for mercy. What was challenging was containing my Rage. Each day it gets harder, I’m afraid I’m going to lash out at them out of control and kill them all.

I try to stay out of everyones way. Not so hard when there’s a celebrity amongst us. Another noble born named Vicar with an attraction to trouble gets most of the attention. A bunch of riff-raff about and an elf woman name Tyr who seems to be more than what she appears to be. Tax evading chef she says, ha! How many chefs have been seen talking to snakes?

Someone else had taken notice of us. Lord Berna has become interested in our desperate situation, or at least on how to exploit it. He’s arranged for our release in exchange for our finding and delivering of a magical artifact, The Phylactery of the Bleeding Heart. I hear its supposed to let mortals speak to the Gods. Ridiculous. Only the lost would need such a thing and they wouldn’t use is. The rest of us already have it, it’s called prayer. He seems to think it will be some sort of weapon to be used to overthrow the emperor. This I can understand. This land of starving people has little love for the tax happy lord.

We are attacked by a mob on the way to Lord Berna’s. This may be something we’ll have to get used to when traveling with an infamous convicted serial killer.

We accept his offer and sneak out of his estate through the sewers. This would have been more terrible if we weren’t already used to the sewer like conditions of the prison. In the tunnels we encounter the most disgusting beast I’ve ever seen, an oozing shite elemental. I wish not to relive the experience anymore than to say we cut it down.

Out of the sewers we came out near an inn where Tyr works to get her things and clean up. Someone recognizes Vicar but is scared into silence. This Vicar does have an effective way with manipulating people through fear.

I get my mighty steed Timber back and now its time to ride. We’re lugging a cart though, this could be a problem later. I prefer not to keep anything on it, as I expect we will need to ditch it should we have to move in a hurry.

The next day we ride for Vicar’s place. After setting up camp we are attacked by some paid thugs. It’s the first time I’ve seen a Tyr’s kind of magic as well as an alchemist tested in battle. Both are strong, Vicar is a bit savage, even by my standards. He’s nearly as likely to blow himself up as an enemy. I will not be standing so close to him. We dispatch them easily enough and interrogate one of the captives. We come to learn that an enemy of Tyr is hunting for us as well. Everyone has baggage it seems.

As we get closer to Vicar’s estate we encounter a band of kobolds that has captured one of Vicar’s family supply carts. This one is full of potions that the kobolds have been drinking. This makes them harder to kill than usual but in time the little enchanted beasties are dealt with.

We make it to Vicar’s place. I’ve never been to such an fancy home. I’m immediately uncomfortable until I fill my inerds with ale and try to forget all the crap of the last couple weeks.

The next day we head for the light house. It’s a good thing we rested before coming, a big fight is looming.

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