White Sea

From Estlewild, the White Sea is dotted with coastal evergreen forests, islands and fjords. Many small, rough communities have attached themselves to every outcropping, as tenaciously as barnacles.

Most trade is along the coast, and boat-crafting technology abounds which allows short- and long-distance travel in shallow coastal waters. Travel westward into the open sea is a more experimental technology, performed only by the most daring captains, most of whom do not return.

In this region, the White Sea is traditionally the domain of the elves and half-elves. Many tribes and affiliations live scattered on the forests and islands that dot the region’s coastline, and they have mixed openly with the many humans who also inhabit the area. The resultant half-elves, more prone to human curiosity, have become highly respected sailors and captains.

Many sea and island folk of all races have been drawn to Estlewild for its rumors of wealth.


White Sea

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