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Estlewild — The Royal City
- Docks — Estlewild’s port, and its largest district
- Castle — Estlewild’s Royal castle and surrounding district
- – Columns — Estlewild’s prison, beneath the Royal Castle
White Mountains
- Coldhome — the region’s ancestral dwarven homeland, on the western side
- Grdeldathlipo — the region’s ancestral gnomish homeland, on the eastern side
White Plains
- Golden Clod Farm — a halfling settlement, considered the “hub” of the region.
White Sea
- Herman’s Harbor — The bay surrounding Estlewild
- MacDevrol’s Bay — A chain of islands and fjords known for strange people and occurrences (coined “MacDevil’s Bay”.
- – Greenshead Island — a small island, rumored home of a witch
- – Greenstail Reef — a rocky chain extending from Greenshead Island
- – MacDevrol’s Island — Home of MacDevrol Pirates
- – Skaugen’s Bluff — a small, mostly human settlement
- Termed Dissuasion Island — penal mining colony, coined “Terminal Displeasure Island”
- Priest’s Isle — rocky island home of a Priest
- Girhist Fjord — Controlled by Girhist Lizardfolk
- – Arvid’s Gate — Entry to Girhist Fjord


Emperor Rashka the Immortal — Estlewild’s despotic usurper
- – - Emperor’s Society — Rashka’s recruited gang of bullying loyalist citizens
King Herman II — Your dead king, believed to be heirless
Lord Berna — a merchant who convinced Emperor Rashka to release you from prison

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