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  • Emperor Rashka the Immortal

    After the beloved [[:king-herman-ii | King Herman's]] recent death, under questionable circumstances, a mysterious stranger took over, a human calling himself Emperor Rashka the Immortal. Few have seen the Emperor, but many have felt his presence. His …

  • King Herman II

    King Herman was the former Monarch of the City State of [[Estlewild]]. He is now dead. The throne was usurped by a mysterious stranger, [[:emperor-rashka-the-immortal | Emperor Rashka the Immortal]].

  • Lord Berna

    Lord Berna is a foppish half-elf with a simpering whiny voice. His lavish gestures and melodious droning make him seem insincere. However, it seems he did rescue you from prison, and from death at the Emperor's hands — if only to die on some foolish quest …

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