Tyriel'le 'Tyr' Wavesinger

Female Elven Witch


Female Elf Witch 3
TN Medium Humanoid (Elf)
Init 2; Senses Perception 2
AC 12, touch 10, flat-footed 12 (0 armor, 2 Dex)
hp 15 (3d6)
Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +2
+2 racial bonus on caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance.
Patron – Transformation

Spd 30 ft.
Melee (s)Silver Sickle (1d6-2/20/x2) – (Can trip with this weapon)
Melee (b)Light Mace (1d6-2/20/x2)
Ranged(p)MW Light CrossBow 4 to hit(1d8/19-20/x3)(80ft)
Witch Spells Known (+1 melee touch, +2 ranged touch)
2(2/day) Pernicious Poison (DC 16), Hold Person (DC 16), Jump
1(3/day) Cause Fear (DC 14), Command (DC 14), Cure Light Wounds +3 (DC 14), Mage Armor, Comprehend Lang., Ray of Enfeeblement (DC 14), Sleep (DC 14), Unseen Servant, Decompose Corpse, Frostbite (DC 14)
0(4 of any at will) Stabilize, Mending, Message, Daze (DC 13)

Str 7 , Dex 15 , Con 9, Int 18 , Wis 9 , Cha 10

Base Atk 1; CMB +1; CMD 11

Feats: Extra Hex, Extra Hex
Traits: Forlorn, Extremly Fashionable
Skills Craft: Clothing 4 +2(6), Prof: Cook +3, Intimidate 0, Know History +4, Know Arcana +4,
Know Planes +4, Know Nature +7, Bluff 6 +3(9), Fly +2, Spellcraft +6, Use Magic Device 0,
Acrobatics +2, Disguise 0, Escape Artist +2, Appraise +4, Diplomacy 0, Perception 0,
Perform Dance 0, Ride +2, Sense Motive +3, Stealth +2,Survival 0, Swim -2

Languages: Sylvan, Draconic, Gnome,
Gear: Masterwork Artisan Tools, Backpack, Bag Waterproof , scroll case (empty), Chalk Stick, Pouch beltx2, Rations, Sack, Courtier’s outfitx6, Soap, Bar (50 uses), Twine (50’), Vial iron, small glass bottles x4, Cooking Kit, Pouch of spell components, Make-up kit, Compass, Crowbar, bodybalm, soothe syrup, fishnet, Costume Jewelry, Allnight Herb, Garlic herbs, Night-Tea herbs, Pesh Herbs, Leather binding Strapsx4, White Powder, Poison pill ring, Sewing Needle,

•Low-Light Vision: Elves can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light (see low-light vision).
•Elven Immunities: Elves are immune to magic sleep effects and get a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells and effects.
•Elven Magic: Elves receive a +2 racial bonus on caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance. In addition, elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Spellcraft skill checks made to identify the properties of magic items.
•Keen Senses: Elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception skill checks.

Disguise-Hex (Su): A witch can change her appearance for a number of hours per day equal to her class level, as if using disguise self. These hours do not need to be consecutive, but they must be spent in 1-hour increments.

Flight-Hex (Su): The witch grows lighter as she gains power, eventually gaining the ability to fly. At 1st level, the witch can use feather fall at will and gains a +4 racial bonus on Swim checks. At 3rd level, she can cast levitate once per day. At 5th level, she can fly, as per the spell, for a number of minutes per day equal to her level. These minutes do not need to be consecutive, but they must be spent in 1-minute increments. This hex only affects the witch.

Slumber-Hex (Su): A witch can cause a creature within 30 feet to fall into a deep, magical sleep, as per the spell sleep. The creature receives a Will save to negate the effect. If the save fails, the creature falls asleep for a number of rounds equal to the witch’s level. This hex can affect a creature of any HD. The creature will not wake due to noise or light, but others can rouse it with a standard action. This hex ends immediately if the creature takes damage. Whether or not the save is successful, a creature cannot be the target of this hex again for 1 day.

Evil Eye-Hex (Su): The witch can cause doubt to creep into the mind of a foe within 30 feet that she can see. The target takes a –2 penalty on one of the following (witch’s choice): AC, ability checks, attack rolls, saving throws, or skill checks. This hex lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + the witch’s Intelligence modifier. A Will save reduces this to just 1 round. This is a mind-affecting effect. At 8th level the penalty increases to –4.

Forlorn-Elf Racial Trait: Having lived outside of traditional elf society for much or all of your life, you know the world can be cruel, dangerous, and unforgiving of the weak.
Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saving throws.

Extremely Fashionable-Equipment Trait: Whenever you are wearing clothing and/or jewelry worth at least 150 gp (and not otherwise covered in gore, sewage, or other things that mar your overall look), you gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks. One of these skills (your choice) is a class skill for you.

ELYONNA – (Arcane Familiar), Female Snake, Viper – CL1 – CR 1/2
N Tiny animal
Init +3; Senses low-light vision, scent; Perception +9


STR 4 (-3), DEX 17 (3), CON 8 (-1), INT 7 (-2), WIS
13 (
1), CHA 2 (-4); Fortitude +1, Reflex +5, Will +4
HP:7 ; Init: +3; Speed: 20 feet
Attack Bonus: +3; Armor Class: 18 / 15Tch / 15Fl
Climb +11, Fly +7, Perception +9, Stealth +15, Swim


Speed 20 ft., climb 20 ft., swim 20 ft.
Bite (Snake, Viper) +6, 1d2-3, 20/x2
Unarmed Strike +6, 1-3, 20/x2

Special: Attack [Trick], Climbing (20 feet), Come [Trick], Defend
[Trick], Heel [Trick], Improved Evasion (Ex), Low-Light Vision,
Poison: Bite—Injury (DC 9) (Ex), Scent (Ex), Seek [Trick], Swimming
(20 feet), Track [Trick]


Poison (Ex)

Bite—injury; save Fort DC 9; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d2 Con damage; cure 1 save.


“I’m not sure where to begin. I do remember the beginning of the vernal equinox’s sunset being so beautiful. It crested just above the horizon glaring in hues of orange and red which made the nimbus clouds seem like titan balls of spiced popcorn tumbling across the darkening sky. My older sister, Anjanue and I debated fiercely about recipes for potato leek soup as we sat beneath the umbrella of a giant mushroom that bordered the Garden of Shrooms.”

“Anjanue was a far better cook than I, but I would never admit that to her. I was good a starting trouble and picking out clothes to wear. Eventually we trailed back to the Tide’Caller estate bickering about the usual stuff that siblings do, until we heard the sound of ringing metal.”

“We hurried inside through the rear of the keep stepping over headless bodies of family and men in dark armor and hoods that littered the once pristine ivory halls. We made our way to the kitchen where we saw our mother, butchered, only able to recognize her due to the silver tiara she always wore. Supper was still bubbling in the enormous cauldron. She was making her signature Fin curry. I can still smell the jasmine, with a hint of rosemary.”

“Anjanue pushed on. We continue to follow the trail of carnage that finally leads to the foyer where we saw father, stretched out over the floor. His entrails were wet, congealing upon the tiled floor. I’m not even sure what kept him alive. I always suspect it was elven magic. Whatever precious time he had left, he managed to tell us of the plight of our family.”

“Port Rhombus is home to several elf families that have thrived from the seaports for several generations. Within the past 200 years the Surf’Ryder family has struggled financially with their bottling industry. , so they started trading spices, which did earn them a substantial profit. They grew jealous because they couldn’t net more than our family. Since then we have had unpleasant relations. There hasn’t been bloodshed until now.”

“When father spoke, he said that “the Surf’Ryders fell into debt to a guild called The Coin. Both of them wrongly accused our family of murder and thievery. The new emperor would not hear our truth, and ordered our family to be executed. You must save yourself.”

“It was all surreal. We heard explosions and ran out the front of the manor to see fireworks over the pier. A few of our relatives were fighting with magic and bows. Anjanue was also a student of magic and ran to help. I followed her, even though she warned against it. As I hid behind a cluster of palm trees from the onslaught of arrows from the executioners, I noticed several of my cousins being corralled on a ship that held the emperors sigil. Most were women and children who were being threatened with violent looking axes. Suddenly a deafening explosion left the area in silence and thick smoke for a brief moment.”

“Desperation compelled me to run for the ship. At the moment, I didn’t understand why I wasn’t cut down. I walked easily among the enemy as they shouted kill commands amongst the cacophony. Before an axe was unleashed on my cousin Ardelle, I touched the executioners shoulder. He seemed to wither, losing the strength to hold his weapon. Then I felt a change come over me, which I never noticed before, and my family stared at me in disbelief and shouted. They were inspired and surged forward, cheering as they renewed their attack for survival. I don’t remember much after that, except the dull numbing sensation that overwhelmed me. I surely thought I was dead until I washed up on the shores of Estlewild with you Elyonna.”

The viper uncoiled from around Tyrielle’s neck bringing its serpentine head before her. Its forked tongue flicking seductively at her cheek as it grinned.

Character Persona Crunch

-Family made a living trading spices, and was ruined by competitors that had strong political ties to the emperor which ordered the clan to be executed.
-During her escape from the executioners was the first time her powers manifested. She has no idea that she is classified as a witch. She assumes its elven magic.
-Hgt: 5’9, medium olive complexion due to exposure of the sun, tongue ring, nose ring, 2 pair of hoop earings, shoulder length red dreadlocks adorned with exotic sea-shells.
-slightly overwight, tattoo of an octopus stretching from shoulder to hip and arcane symbols on her forearms and breasts, smokes herbs nightly when she communes with her familiar.
-During the day she uses her clothing talents to mend and craft clothing. At night she serves as a cook at a busy inn along the docks, and sometimes prostitutes for extra coin or information.
-She also changed her name to conceal her clan identity.(Last name of clan is Tidecaller)
-She seeks out corrupt guilds to destabilize them.

-She would one day like to restore her clan’s name and return to the import/export business.
-Open a few restaurants and use the profits to fund her own guild.
-Join a public office where her talents are used to fight against guild corruption.

-Several times she has lured men to their death for coins or to settle grudges.
-A few of her realtives escaped and are in hiding.
(3rd has to be a secret that the character dosent know about by the GM)

Crumb – Half orc Bard. Crumb loves her enough to aid her when possible. Tyreille loves crumb, but because of her lifestyle she feels it wouldn’t work out.

Dizzy – Assistant Harbor Master. Dizzy is a hopeless romantic that wanted to marry Tyr. When she refused he dumped her. Tyr only uses dizzy to keep tabs on dock business. She offers her body as reward for information.

Danette -Dwarf Rogue. Danette runs a brothel along the docks. She was suspect of Tyr when her brother Figrath was accused of murder. Because the night it happened he was sleep in Tyr’s bed, and Tyr claimed that he wasnt. Since it was a noble who was murdered the authorities wanted quick justice and Tyr left him to hang. Everyone believed Tyr except Danette. Danette was never able to prove it.Why did tyr set him up? Figrath was a mean drunk and a lousy cheat. None of the girls wanted him, but Danette would give Tyr to him for free. No one was sad to see him go.

Step 5
Non-chalant, rude, sometimes a bit sensitive and emotional

-A memory of picking up sea shells along the beach with her mom and dad.

-Dosen’t like confrontation. Avoids it if neccessary. Is quick to go behind the back to accomplish her desires.

She survives in the city. Cooking on most night and sewing during the day when she can. To pick up side money she prostitutes in disguise, and sometimes kill them if they wrong her somehow. She also runs scams and steals using her disguise to scrape more coin.

She probably is a fugative, but she thinks that everyone is dead from what the local hearald has said.

City guards wouldn’t recognize her. They might recognize her last name which she dosen’t use. The day of the murders it was too hectic to remember a face.

She is hiding in plain sight. And she constanly use her disguise when appropiate.

And why would she be in jail to be rescued by the Lord Berna?

For not paying taxes. When she sees the emperor all those emotions of grief and hardship return.

Tyriel'le 'Tyr' Wavesinger

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